Desert Road

In the middle of the city. That’s 2020 in a nutshell.

However, we are not in a nutshell – we are in a land fortress abutting an ocean, with 2607 kilometres of distance between us and the next major city. Most of that 2607 is desert and a good deal of it is red hot with no trees to hide behind. The hostiles find it hard to creep up on us.

With moderate lockdowns and a certain amount of quarantining, we have managed to dodge most of the viral bullets so far. A few squeakers, but the cops have dealt with them.

But I must admit to being somewhat amazed on Boxing Night to travel our city’s freeway from a northern to a southern suburb – in company with only a dozen cars….and none of them the Tanks Of Privilege that normally crowd around me. A cool and pleasant journey.

Even the herds of rampant traffic cones seem to have been asleep at the time. If I had better eyesight, I would welcome more night journeys of this type. Perhaps I should become a vampire courier driver.

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