Lifestyle Changes

Start off by getting rid of it. First the word – a fashionable construct – and secondly the conscious practice of pursuing one.

Instead, substitute a life. Use the word instead of lifestyle and conduct yourself accordingly. You cannot be more genuine nor more authentic than this, as long as you remember that these two words are also inventions.

A practical illustration? Go to your lounge room, living room, parlour, or sitting area – you may have a different word for a room like this but they amount to much the same thing. Go there, stand in the middle and turn around, observing the contents.

Those are elements of what furniture and television sellers would like you to think of as your lifestyle. You were expected to give money for them and not get it back. That money represented your time and your work, and they got that in liquid form.

Tired? Sit down on one of the chairs. That’s loosening the suffix ” style ” from lifestyle and letting the life edge forward. Nice to sit down and think, isn’t it? Cup of joe?

So think. Whether you sat down on a chair or the chair that would be life. You would have provided yourself with a creature comfort without excess and the comfort I wrote about just now would be life to you – or at least to your rear end.

Be careful when you go into the bathroom. There may be only one seat anyway.

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