Greetings To The Offended Agenda’d

Let me save you time and trouble. Please don’t bother to tell me that you say ” Merry Christmas ” instead of ” Happy Holiday “. Your preference for language is a decision you make – for yourself – and none of us would dream of interfering. Neither would we dream of letting you interfere with our greetings.

The ” Happy Holiday ” greeting is not an assault on your religion, nor on your culture, nor on plastic trees, presents, turkeys, or credit card debt. These are yours to enjoy free from all interference. It is a code-phrase that means we wish you…a happy holiday.

It might be nice if you reciprocate when we have one as well. No need to keep an ethnic calendar by the computer and rush to remind us that we are different from you each time we pull out the candlesticks or extra dishes. We know it already, and you’d be surprised how many people are quietly grateful for the fact.

If you are merely sharing one of these chain letter memes, do a little research into who has sent it on to you before you increase their momentum. Sometimes you find some very unsavoury individuals to whose opinion you have acceded, and the tar of a bigot’s brush can still stick – even if you did not intend to paint yourself with it.

All that being said, do have a Happy Holiday, or Chag Sameach if you insist on being outraged. We cater for all dispositions here.

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