An interesting time in which we live…

a. I discussed a medical condition and treatments with two friends on Sunday at their home – I was delivering a Christmas gift. Pleasant morning.

Yesterday four advertisements for equipment associated with that condition appeared on my Facebook feed.

I have never expressed any interest nor searched for anything in that connection before. I have no explanation short of invasive conspiracy that explains the sudden onslaught of advertisement.

b. I have a case of the religions. Other people may have fleas or process servers – I have religious advertisements. They promote Christianity, Mohammedanism, and Judaism so far but I am fully expecting Buddha and Zeus to show up before the end of January. I have my suspicion as to the social media Btfsplk who has drawn this upon me and will be conducting some experiments to see if it goes away when he does.

c. Who is Jane Ashton, and does she know Dave Green? I am not game to open the emails that seem to feature these people but I would still like to hear from someone who has.

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