The Official Store

Apparently there are official stores. Full of official goods for sale. Officially.

We can only assume that there are officials doing the selling…and possibly in an officious manner. I believe it – I’ve been in shops like that. I can show you the scars.

In this case the phrase came to light regarding a shop that sells jeans and boots patterned after garments that farmers might wear. I have no idea whether anyone in the bush ever wears the clothing…but I quite like it. The jeans are comfortable and long-wearing and the boots look good until they fall apart.

The only fly in the ointment is that these products are extremely expensive compared to the chain-store equivalents. It’s a good move to have officially high prices for people who have officially high incomes…but the rest of us must avoid the officials and cut our coats from whatever cloth we can find.

I wish I was an official. I’d wear a badge and a cap and everything. And I’d buy new jeans.

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