The Disgraceful Rabbit Hole

This is a post that I wrote – then thought better of posting. It has been trashed once. But now I think I can write it in a way that is fair.

I do not accept many new ” friends” on Facebook in any one year. I restrict myself to people who I have met in person and with whom I have had a decent chat. The people on my list all have different origins and characteristics; religions, educations, interests, opinions, etc. – but they have one thing in common – they are decent folk.

I avoid the mad, bad, and dangerous to know in real life, and I strive to treat my social media contacts in the same way.

Sometimes it is hard to dodge when items are “shared” on the Facebook feed that I would otherwise spurn. I turn them off without turning away the person who has posted them. The list of these posts includes items that seem to be innocuous at first but do not hold up well subject to serious thought. And it can come as a distinct shock to see where the rabbit hole of further enquiry can lead – some of the meme and post generators are distinctly unsavoury. The fact that they can get onto the feed is a puzzle – some of the material seems to go across many reject lines.

A recent meme that appeared to be ” patriotic ” here in Australia referred to holidays that we celebrate and demanded that we agree to them as citizens – yet left out a significant number of dates that would be important to many Australians. The excluded are people who do not follow the Christian religion. As the original poster seems to send the material out from Poland, I took the opportunity of seeing the rest of his output.

Well, he does like Christianity, and particularly the Catholic church, a lot. He does not like communists, Jews, Muslims, Asians, and black people, a lot. I suspect, from his writing, that he would be unhappy watching a Pride parade. A lot.

He is juggling with a great many cartoons, posters, and slogans that would get him in front of a magistrate here in Australia – but they are accessible to the Facebook feed as long as they are shared by legitimate users. They’re not seen at first, but they are there behind the panelling – just peel back a corner and out they scuttle.

For the sake of my own peace of mind I am going to think that my genuine Facebook friend who shared the ” patriotic ” meme may never have seen the rest of the stash. I suspect I will see the thing again, and possibly borne upon someone else’s feed – it is the nature of some people to re-broadcast anything they find. I’ll be trashing it again, but I am going to have to find out whether the repostings are inadvertency or something darker.

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