As Advertised On The Tin

I have just succeeded in downloading and activating the app on my mobile phone that registers my attendance at various restaurants, meetings, and functions. Recording of attendance is a precaution our state government is taking to trace any contact with Covid that we may encounter. You can sign a register or clock in with your phone – but you must do one or the other to gain admittance.

Those of you of conspiratorial and anarchical bent may play with this as you will. I have long been shadowed by men in trench coats who duck into alleys when I turn round suddenly and it is all old hat to me. Fedora hats, most often.

The app was moderately complicated to load, but the actual operation is simple – point the phone at a Q target and that’s all. I can only assume that the Q targets will be displayed wherever the law requires – And in illegal premises full of sin and depravity they will not be needed. I must look in the lobby of Parliament House and see if they have one.

I am currently searching for an app entitled ” Why Did I Come Into This Room In The First Place? ” as it will save me from withering looks by the rest of the family.

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