Do A Good Thing

Do it well – and do it at the right time. And then cease doing it when it stops being a good thing, or when you cannot do it well, or when its time has passed.

That’s the secret of success…and the key to the admiration of others ( valueless) or the satisfaction of your soul ( priceless ). Ideas, timing, persistence, and making a clean escape.

There are any number of good things to do at any one time. You may not be a cake baker now, but you can be with practise. And you can eat some marvellous things as you learn the art. But consider stopping when you have either learned all that you can or when your waistline becomes too much for you.

Likewise social clubs, professions, relationships, political affiliations, etc. etc. They all have their benefits – they all take dedication and care. Some of them reward you for a long time…but eventually this slows and stops. It is wise to wind down your participation before this happens. You’ll have a better chance of retaining happy memories if they are not forced from you by repetition.

Change is not all bad – it can bring you good things as well as take them away. Be patient with it, and yourself.

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