The Hot Day

Yesterday was a hot day – but later in the summer it won’t be.

We’ve had a succession of mild weather and been very comfortable for it. Today, as well, will reach 39º Celsius…some 102 in Fahrenheit. It’ll be very dry – humidity is 13%. That’s Western Australia for you and if you don’t realise what the sun will do to your skin, you’ll very soon find out.

It had little chance to get me yesterday. I spent the morning in the hobby club and the afternoon in my hobby room. Retirement. I shelved the plans to weed the front lawn by hand or to climb on the roof to clean the gutters.

The window blinds were shut. The house was cool enough – when it heated too much I set an air conditioner going and sealed a room to be comfortable in. Being home I could wear shorts and go barefoot – all good for coolness. And I could drink water all day.

And later in the summer when it tops 45º for a fortnight this 39º will seem a blessed relief day.

Note to the English readers: I’m not pulling your chain. It really is that hot here.

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