Tetris is the name of a simple video game that often appears on mobile phones or tablets to allow people to while away time in airport waiting lounges. In the case of 2020, some people have been playing it solid for a year, and may be very good at it.

It is good training for warehouse staff and sales assistants as they strive to maximise storage and display. I suspect there are car-park attendants who hone their skills with it s well.

I use it whenever I am down in the dumps ( And you can pick up some good stuff down there. You ought to see my wardrobe… ) by moving portions of my environment about. In some cases it is just a shifting of goods and in some a deliberate weeding-out. I am not Marie Kondo but I find some of the things she advocates bring me joy – so I keep them.

What do I get by playing household or workshop Tetris? Very much the same feeling that I would get moving to a new house or taking on a new job. The act of shifting stuff about is hard work – before, during, and after – but there is a refreshment of the mind each time.

I’m doing just this with my little studio in preparation for the return to photo shoots in 2021. There are a lot of sad props that are going to go, plus scraps of backdrops and previous constructions. I can throw them out as they still exist in images and the joy they sparked is still available – but without the loss of floor or shelf space.

My workshop got a kondoing last night and I set up new workspaces and storage shelves. I now have a more efficient place…and the wonderful thing about it I spent no money whatsoever to do it. All the components of change and improvement were lying around in part storage – they just needed mindful combination to start to perform.

I’m going to look at the wardrobe next. I will not throw everything away – some things will get a needle and thread repair and carry right on. But some things will go.

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