Music Returns

I have not always had music to listen to. My mother was a person who valued quiet, and many times we lived in a place that had no radio reception. I passed a great deal of my childhood in silence and missed out on pop music that shaped the others of the teenage persuasion. Yet I valued music when I found it again.

This was during the college years. The time when I had something like my own space, and could fill it with my choice of sound. I was able to get a small hifi set assembled and start to play records for myself. I loved it, though like all hifi enthusiasts I was often driven by specification rather than enjoyment.

Well, years of gunfire and high speed air turbines trimmed down the frequencies that were of any value, and equally, years of unnecessary marketing changed the landscape of the hifi world. I fell behind in the race for the cutting edge. And now I have never been happier.

Mark that – happy. Happy to still hear something. Happy that the turntable and 33 1/3 RMP LP’s still play. Happy that the CD player works. Happy that the amp and tuner have something to play in our locality. Happy that the iPad can capture 24-hour polka music…

The hifi has been moved into my computer room. When the speakers have returned from the repairman, they will be overkill for the space – but the amp will not be overstrained. The sources – FM radio, CD’s, LP records, and now the internet via an iPad, are more than enough than to keep me happy.

And happy is the order of the day. Did I mention that I have 24-hour polka music to threaten the family with? The power…

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