Do You Ever get the Feeling…?

And just stroll on by or scroll on down without even looking? I am starting to be like that with the Facebook feed and it worries me. What if my ingrained cynicism is preventing me from seeing the best of the propaganda – the items that will make it into textbooks dedicated to mind manipulation? What if I do not get a chance to react like a Hereford to a cattle prod? FOMO or what?

I suspect that I started to suspect when a Facebook friend sent me heart-warming stories that seemed too good to be true. Then switched to heart-wrenching stories that seemed too sad to be true. These were followed by convoluted tales that seemed too improbable to be true.

Fortunately I was able to open the back of the desk-top computer and see them from the rear – and none of them turned out to be real. Some were crudely done, with cello tape over the joints in the storylines, while others were very sophisticated, with multiple coats of lubricant on the sharp bits. The most intriguing were the stories that had been started at Snopes but then proved false by the supermarket tabloids.

I do miss the days when I could turn to TIME, LIFE and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for an accurate report of the world plus native bosoms and pictures of F4U Corsairs. There was always THE SATURDAY EVENING POST for heart warming stories and BOYS LIFE for plans of log cabins.

I must say that TITTIE MAGAZINE today is not what it was. Bosoms may have expanded but the interest in them has drooped. Some still amaze and you can admire perfect artistic shape, but 60 years of chests is a great deal of voyeurism to get over.

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever get the Feeling…?

  1. how lovely to read something honest and light-hearted for a change! thanks for sharing


    1. Keep reading. It’s just about to be summer down here in Australia and the garden has gone mad. We never should have planted triffids…

      Liked by 1 person

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