We Pay Our Respects To The Lawyers Past And Emerging

…in hopes that they will not start some interminable legal action to punish us for being happy and to extract money from us.

This is the new litany to be recited at all Australian events, public and private, that you attend in the future. It is the verbal equivalent of taking a knee or saluting Gessler’s cap.

While it may seem to be boot licking in the short term, look upon it as an investment in long-term comfort. Comfort, that is, until they invent yet another new religion of cringe – and we are required to kowtow to a different set of overlords.

This may all seem to be odd in a nation and amongst young people that value the term ” F*** You ” so highly.

For myself, I prefer to say ” Genug ist genug ” and get up off my knee.

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