All Nets Have Holes In Them

That’s how they work – they let most of what goes past them flow on through but stop the big important bits. It there are no holes, the whole thing cannot move forward or is swept away by the current.

Thus also with minds – if your brain cannot let most of the flow of information and stimulus pass by undisturbed, it will stop. A good brain will net out the bits it needs and ignore the rest.

The mind – in putative command of the brain – should benefit from this. It can alter the mesh size of the senses to get useful chunks of information. The small sensations and observations are ignored. But it sometimes needs to be deliberately set for especial capture – and I’m going to try to do just that in the next few weeks.

I shall craft a bland smile and a disinterested look in my eyes as the discussion inevitably turns back to the American election and the replacement by a new President. I shall keep my ” I’ll be darned, eh? ” and ” There ya go. ” shields ready to deflect whatever cry of pain or triumph is emitted. I’ll carefully prevent anyone from thinking that I care – which should disguise the fact that I don’t care – until the hoo-hah dies down.

But I shall note carefully the biases and indiscrete admissions of the complainants for future use. Rather like collecting petards for the purpose of future hoisting.

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