Sex And Marriage

There has been a great deal of fuss made about sex and marriage in the last 50 years.

A certain amount of the controversy dealt with timing – whether there should be sex before marriage or only after it. I don’t propose to poke your personal bear on this as it may have teeth and claws. Deal with the question as you wish.

Having passed the barrier of when, we come to the next one: who. Who is entitled to do it, and with whom. Gender battles, tribal battles, and financial fights can break out all round. You need to be successful in each one before you get to the next hurdle.

Where? Her/his place or yours? In public or in private? With the water running in the bathroom or not? Does the cat get to watch?

Okay, now all this has been sorted out. You’ve either gotten permission or away with it, and are about to have it away in earnest. There are no more troubles, right?


Have you considered how? How you propose to do it? Whether you even know how to do it? After all, Pornhub is a somewhat unreliable source of technical instruction. Victorian novels are not much better. Advice from your friends may seem a good idea, but they are probably as ignorant as you are. Study up…

And finally…why? Why have sex, do sex, experience sex, endure sex, sell sex, or study sex? You could just as well take another bodily function – eating, excreting, or answering Indian scam calls – and make it the subject of just as intense an endeavour. And you might be a lot happier doing so. Consider this before you peel underwear – yours or someone else’s.

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