Distressingly Adult

Me. I seem to have matured.

I wish it had been with fewer sun spots and bruises and more hair, but I will accept the fact that both of my legs still reach the ground and can be walked on for hours. I am also glad that I have passed the fretful stage – at least as far as the ordinary setbacks of life are concerened.

An example of this was the decision to shift the hifi set from the lounge room – where it had not gotten a listen-to for a couple of years ( the room contains a television that occupies the family most of the time – music has taken a back seat ). I measured up my computer an hobby room and found that it could be put there -after a lot of older junk was discarded. All good – all adult.

The shifting of the components was fairly easy – hifi’s of my era unplug or unscrew readily and as long as you remeber wheren the wires re-connect, you are away. The speakers are due for a repair, so they will be going away to the pro shop at the end of the week – I have ornaised a substitute pair for the intereim.

Then the test – upon trying to re-connect the amplifier via banana plug ( the simplest connector known to man or monkey ) two of the sockets broke. Plastic surrounds collapsed and the metal sockets disappeared into the body of the device. It will go to the hifi repair shop tomorrow and I hope it can be fixed in a week or so – in time for the reconditioned speakers to be returned.

The adult part of this all? I did not burst out into tears of rage or curses when the sockets collapsed. I realised that they are the sort of British design and component that is built to collapse…those of the readers who have experience of Leyland motor cars will know exactly what I mean. I googled the problem and there are firms that repair just this problem – so it is a design or materials fault that’s occurred to others.

I do not expect the repairman to be surprised. He has coped with British hifi components before and can substitute something from the Jaycar store that will be better than the original. I object to the loss of money for labour but this is always the case with things I cannot fix myself.

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