I’m Too Tall, I’m Too Short

I’m too fat, I’m too thin. I’m too young, I’m too old. I’m too rich, I’m too poor…

No, you’re not. What you are is looking in the wrong direction.

You’re too tall to be Gidget? Be Lily St. Cyr. I guarantee they’ll stop looking at Sandra Dee when they see you.

Too short? Read about Cheery Littlebottom in the Discworld series.

Too fat? Mae West was considered fat. You, and all your admirers, should be so lucky…come up and see me sometime…

Too thin? The Duchess of Windsor had the answer for that complaint and you can go Google up what she wrote. But don’t chase after British royalty, because if you are unlucky you catch them.

Too young? That did not stop Alexander of Macedonia or Lolita of Nabokov.

Too old? Have a look at the guy who married Anna Nicole Smith. He died on the job, mind, but they had to spend two days wiping the smile off his face…

Too rich? For what? Guilt? Ennui? Kindness? Pocket change?

Too Poor? That never stopped Horatio Alger and it won’t stop you. Get out there in the snow and beg for pennies. Mug a Salvation Army tambourine lady.

Point of all this unbridled hilarity is there are no valid reasons why you cannot succeed and enjoy yourself. Throw the book away and just go do what you wanted to do anyway.

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