How Is it?

How is it that the recent elections in The Democratic Tribal Republic Of Benzanuca have gone unreported in Australia? Not a word – not a picture. It is as if Benzanuca just doesn’t exist. This is blatantly racist.

Well, it is if you regard Benzanuccans as a race. If they are a nation then it’s nationist. I made that word up.

We had wall-to-wall, hour-by-hour coverage of the US elections from a year ago and we won’t be free of it until they inaugurate the President-Elect. Then the recriminations and witch hunting will start to focus people’s attention on the wrong-doing of the previous President while the newly-installed one gets some breathing time to do some wrong of his own. I would find it tedious, but then the prospect of a similar election coverage for the next Canadian election or our coming Australian federal election is so very much worse.

Still, there is a bright light at the end of the electoral tunnel for my electorate. The cake stall at the school where the polling takes place. I vote early before the good stuff is sold.

I wonder if there would be a chance for a write-in candidate for Benzanuca? I’ve seen pictures of the presidential palace and it looks like a nice place, if a bit warm in summer. I would be prepared to govern on a fair and beneficent basis as long as there was beer and local curry available. I am a moral man and would not take more than the 6 wives allowed under the law. And I have my own straw hat, so the cost to the nation of outfitting me would be reduced.

Vote me.

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