Rich People Food

We’re eating rich people food tonight.

We’ve got home-made pasta sauce for the spaghetti. Fresh beef, Dolmio sauce to start with, add tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, garlic…Cook it slow until you think you can’t stand to wait.

Then the pasta. San Remo. Made in Australia from our wheat, by people whose Italian grandparents jolly well knew what they were doing. It cooks well, it presents well, it tastes fabulous.

We have parmesan cheese grated on the top and it ain’t from a can.

There’s fresh local bread and butter. A glass of vino. The house is warm and dry and one of us is having a birthday next week, and we’re all here it celebrate it.

I found out what rich is and it isn’t a bank account and it doesn’t have a number…

Come visit us. We can make you rich, too.

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