Ya Know, Before I’d Start Celebrating…

I’d wait until the real US President is sworn in. Not Joe – Joe is a bookmark for the woman who got the Vice Presidency handed to her. She’ll be running the place after Joe has his accident and she’ll be running it to order for her bosses.

Now, this may be exactly what you want. If that’s so, you can start whooping it up now and putting in your application for a position in the local proletarian committee of revenge. Start writing down a list of all those you suspect of being enemies of the state and The Department will collect it from you in February.

Hint: you can indulge in a certain amount of bastardry, but don”t try to put your relatives into a gulag unless you know they have pissed off lots of other people. They may be making a list that includes you and have more pull with the local soviet than you do. Declare a truce for the time being.

In the next few weeks the sitting President – who may actually be doing a lot of pacing – will be making decisions that cover his tracks and lay minefields for his successor. He has never been a nice man and the election defeat will not improve him. You would be wise not to call attention to yourself, lest he finds more pictures of you at a party in blackface.

Or pictures of your father flipping off the populace, eh?

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