Right Next To The…

Have you ever asked for directions from a person who has no sense of it? Who doesn’t know how to read a map? Who copies down addresses with transposition of street numbers ? And who is not just having a lend of you – but is genuinely erroneous?

Welcome to my morning.

I called at a shop that might have sold paint filters, but did not. The owner knew a firm that did. He directed me and wrote down the the address – less than a mile away. All seemed well.

The extremely busy industrial highway that was to have been the site of the paint filter shop had many signs, but none of them were the address alluded to. I circled, but you can only do so many circuits and bumps before the control tower calls up the Bofors crew to shoot you down.

Fortunately there was a Toyota agency nearby and they had no idea either, but one of their salesmen trotted up the street and came back to report that there was a place on a billboard that might have once had a paint shop sign…but the paint had faded to the point of invisibility. At this stage I was desperate and took a punt on it. It proved to be perfect.

The paint seller is a real find, and I will shop there again, but it was a prime illustration of misdirection – wrong number, no signage, hidden premises. It really does reinforce the idea of adequate engagement via signage, parking, and access. No business should ever contemplate premises that do not offer this as primary characteristics – they risk vanishing right before your eyes like a magic trick.

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