Scoville Silent

Are you troubled with unwanted visitors using your toilet?

When they visit do they insist upon asking for ” the smallest room in the house ” or ” the little boy’s room ” or some other twee word? Do they go in and stink the place out? Use up all the paper? Block the pipes?

Well now you can cure this forever.

Just purchase a Scoville Silent toilet wedge and make sure that they never ask again.

The Scoville Silent is designed by leading mechanical scientists. It is easily inserted under the door of any standard toilet, bathroom, or W.C., and like its name suggests, the Scoville is discrete. The patented Squeek-Pruf screw actuator makes absolutely no noise as it drives the wedge plates into the floor and door. Three turns is all it takes to completely lock an average door.

But remember that the Scoville gives you more – there are six – count them – six full turns in the screw travel – you need never worry that the wedge will slip. Once the Scoville bites, no-one opens the door.

You can use the Scoville before your guest arrives or during their visit in the bathroom. Imagine the hours of fun you’ll have listening to them plead for release. And when it comes time to call an end to the fun, the Scoville will release silently and can be made to vanish. Imaging the face on your victim as they try the door one more time and it swings slowly open!

Ask for your Scoville at any good hardware store. Get several for those times when you just want peace in the house and the children have been lured into their rooms.

Remember – The Scoville Silent makes you the boss of the house.

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