“I’m Bored…”

Whenever you hear someone in the family say this – possibly with a theatrical yawn – leap into action and cure them instantly.

Slap them as hard as you can – across the face or the back of the head – it doesn’t really matter as long as it hurts. They will be bored no longer. Pain, shock, a sense of betrayal, resentment, anger…these will develop in an instant and all sense of ennui will disappear.

They will be in pain for hours. They will cower. They will feel outrage. They will hate and rave. They will plot revenge. But they will not be bored.

They will also refrain from yawning and complaining for some time. During this period suggest that the next time they feel in the doldrums that they engage in some constructive activity instead of complaining. You’d be surprised how many of them find something to do.

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