The Magnetic Sign

A Facebook friend has just posted a note that the magnetic signs she had on her car – presumably on the side doors – have blown off on the freeway. The road is a 100Km section so I guess the wind pressure or vacuum effect was too powerful for the plastic magnets.

I’ll remember this. I’ve got a set I had made up years ago and rarely use, but I’ll keep them off the car while it is moving. Just pop them on at events when the Suzuki is parked.

Another Facebook person suggested a full car wrap with the advertising printed on it – certainly more secure and you can get some professional graphic work designed. A more committed way to do it – but still less permanent than having a spray painter do an enamel sign.

I favour a different approach. As the reason the magnetic sign was on there was to promote a business, why not go to a sign firm and have them laser-cut you out a set of stencils with your frm’s name and message. This could be on a sturdy plastic sheet that would be flexible.

Then all you need is a can of spray paint and some time to go around to many of the cars at the shopping centre car park applying the message to the doors. A wise advertiser would pick good quality cars as this would reflect well on the business. No good stencilling your name on a junker, eh? Limousines would be nice…

You’d only need to do it for a day to get your message out there and the publicity would be massive.

I plan to get a sign stencil like this for my friend. I don’t mind paying to help out, and a couple of cans of Dulux acid-etch black primer or white gloss couldn’t be all that expensive at Bunnings. And she need not do it herself – I can go round the car parks at night for her. It’ll only take a few hours and her phone will run hot!

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