Choppin’ ‘N Moppin’

I hate to sound old and tired but I’m starting to think that human sacrifice is over-rated.

I mean, it’s fine for the young and enthusiastic and I wouldn’t want to see traditional religious observance fall into disuse…but really, these days it just seems like you are chopping and mopping all the time and it’s getting to be same old, same old.

Some days it almost seems like we could be jointing chickens, for all the excitement there is. You do get a good view of the sunrise or sunset from the top of the ziggurat, but you have to remember that you’re going to be climbing a long way to get up there – and you’ll have to climb all the way down again in soggy garments.

And that’s another thing – it’s all very well for the high priests and priestesses to sit up there all day stabbing and tearing…that’s all they have to do to get all the attention. The rest of us have to wash out the blood afterwards and try to get the robes clean for the next day. Talk about laundry on top of kitchen work!

Oh, I realise there are rewards – after all, the corn is growing well and the world has not ceased yet, but I must say I would welcome a bit of a holiday – a religious festival that didn’t clot and attract flies would be nice.

At least these new Spanish seem a nice, gentle sort of people.

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