” Join A Club ” They Said

So I did.

I am retired from profession, trade, and business, but hopefully still some distance from the grave. So I desire occupation. This is where the club comes in. It provides me with enjoyable hobby activity at an economical price, in the company of like-minded individuals.

It also provides the reminder that no bed of roses is without thorns. One of the club members has ” issues “. With politicians, health matters, other club members, and possibly the Almighty Himself. I suspect God doesn’t listen to him giving instructions, and this may be a source of discontent.

Yesterday saw the most theatrical performance to date, with swearing, shouting, and spirit voices speaking to him.

I shall change my place in the clubroom and/or my date of attendance if this sort of thing continues. If I feel a need for theatrical madness, I have ” King Lear “.

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