Cooking In Miniature

If you have not seen a YouTube of someone cooking in miniature, please go do so now. We’ll wait…

Now, wasn’t that the most delightful thing you’ve seen today? No matter whether it was oriental or western cooking, the process of seeing large fingers move round a scale kitchen making miniature food with real ingredients is one of the most satisfactory shows you can find. All miniature things please due to the cute nature of their size, but cute food is so close to all of our experience that it never fails to please.

There is likely to be a similar reaction to a lot of other down-sized activities. We all know of the pleasure the Bonsai garden gives – there are probably very small fish that could make a tiny aquarium rewarding. Miniature woodwork or metalwork in tiny shops would also be fun.

Sewing? Weaving? Knitting? All reducible. Miniature painting and sculpture is a standardised thing as far as results from full-size tools, but could be extended to miniature brushes and chisels.

Tiny electronics are already with us. Also tiny cameras and processes. I would value work in a miniature darkroom as a nostalgic activity.

Miniature target shooting? Yacht sailing, airplane piloting? Here for years and we all love ’em.

And who can resist the miniature sports. table soccer and ice hockey were the staples of my childhood.

Go-on. Think small.

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