How To Swim Safely In The Social Media Sea

a. Don’t take the bait.

When it looks like a hook, it’s a hook. When it doesn’t look like a hook it’s a hook.

Every petition, appeal, scolding, or nonsensical quiz is a hook. The bait doesn’t even taste good.

b. Swim in schools.

They cannot net all of you, so participate in the social media on a group. Monitor the group so that when it veers into odd sexuality or violent politics you can leave it and unfriend all the people in it.

c. Swim with motion, not emotion. Passion, revulsion, fear, greed, malice, etc. all make you susceptible to control from others. Do not display it to them. Even Abraham Lincoln – once the most passionate of men – is now just a stone face on a mountain. And doing well from it.

d. Do not swim directly after dinner. And certainly do not swim drunk. You will make social errors that call to the sharks.

e. Do not pee in the sea. If your opinion is thin, watery, and yellow, keep it to yourself.

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