A Holiday In The Bubble

We appear to live in a very large bubble – here in Western Australia.

The virus troubles of the world knocked at our door for a while but the state government shut the thing and locked it. The Commonwealth of Australia locked the gate as well, so we’ve been sitting inside for the best part of eight months…and most of us are not bemoaning the isolation. It’s left the ghosts of a number of 50’s writers with ectoplasm on their faces. They protested bitterly that we were the most isolated part of the world. It might have seemed bitter then but it’s medicine now.

We can travel intra-state if we practice safe social distancing. This doesn’t include airplanes, but, and public transport travel still needs care. But quite frankly, buying loaf of bread and a cleanskin bottle at our local shopping centre is also a careful exercise. The same people who have no sense of space driving in the carparks have an equal lack of perception in the shops.

However – back to the holiday. I say holiday like it is an exceptional day – it is not. I’m retired with a home and a workshop and a hobby, so every blessed day is a holiday. However, I do remember the fun times I’ve had in Melbourne and Sydney over the years and look forward to a clean world that will let me visit them again. In the meantime, I wonder if I should have a holiday week in Perth?

What? I live in Perth… What holiday?

Well, when I travel to Melb. or Syd. I do several things for pleasure – almost a set round of experiences i enjoy. I visit book shops, I shop for clothes, I eat in pubs and restaurants, I shop in hobby stores. I go to the theatres and art galleries – and to the museums. If there is a civic event on, I go see that. I live in a good hotel and enjoy the facilities that I don’t have to clean.

It costs, of course – the price of getting there and back, the price of staying, and the price of all the events I participate in. The Frequent Flyer points my daughter racks up are used to alleviate the travel costs, but the rest are considerable.

I wonder if I am now disconnected enough by normal suburban life from the tourist and cultural life of Perth that I can go stay at a hotel, visit the Perth shops and galleries, see local theatre, and have a good week here instead of interstate. It sounds like it’s worth a try…

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