” In Reality vs Unreality”

In reality the churches on the corner – plus the shuls and the temples and the mosques – would all just take down their signs and change them to ” Social Club “. And probably do just as well as now, but with less worry, fear, and guilt amongst their members.

In reality most of the house agents, settlement agents, and real-estate lawyers would be both reduced and relieved if complex laws about transferral of property were eliminated – less stress for them and their clients.

In reality, if tax law was simplified, tax paying would be easy for all and even large corporations would pay their fair share of the costs of running the country that provides them with a home.

In reality, Trump, Trudeau, Johnson, Macron, and Putin would be working in small shops or factories – and probably happier in themselves for it.

In reality irredeemable and untameable social criminals would be removed from the population quickly, cheaply, and permanently.

In reality people would not feel the need to cosplay, mindplay, genderplay, or any other form of self-deception. They would show the same face to both the world and their bathroom mirror.

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