The Shinkansushi

We’ve all been to a sushi train place, right? Sitting there watching a mechanical line of plates under covers with variations on rice rolls passing by. You pluck a plate off and eat the contents – you pay later. it is very civilised. somewhat disembodied, and altogether odd. I like them and would welcome an establishment closer to home.

But I am in a hurry sometimes. The sort of hunger that wants a burger because it is fast but abhors it because it is never as good as the one you could make at home. The fact that the burger joint now uses a robot menu system that is slightly more daunting than a NORAD alert is no help. I’ve not McDonalded since they introduced the screens.

So I propose an Shinkansushi. Like a regular sushi train except it’s takeaway packets of rice rolls. You don’t sit – you stand, and when you have collected whatever you want you take the packets to the counter and pay for them. The name comes from the fact that the train could go a great deal faster than the local sit-down variety.

Really fast food.

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