Sexual Advances

I read this phrase in court proceedings. I never read the opposite; ” sexual retreats “…yet these are just as common in society. They used to be known as ” running a mile ” and were the correct reply to many propositions.

I garnered very few of these enquiries – in retrospect I am not altogether certain I had any at all. There my have been opportunities but then again there were opportunities to invest in Golden Products pyramid soap sales and I never bit on that either. I can only speculate on what I might have done had the hard word been put upon me.

As with all advances – sexual ones would have eventually had to have been paid back with interest. I assure you that as a teenager I was interested, but I never got to the bank when it was open. I never got to anything else when it was open, either, but we’ll let that thought alone.

I do think that sex has advanced somewhat in Australia since the 60’s. No longer are Perth girls going to Queensland and Brisbane girls coming to Perth to hide a family shame. No longer are we ” treated ” to juicy divorce proceedings in the local paper. Adultery probably goes on as regularly as before but it is not used as moral entertainment for the masses. The same-sex people can beat each other up in peace without getting beat up by the mixed-sex people.

I do think it would be a good idea to combine the Pride Parade, the Channel 7 Christmas pageant, and the ANZAC Day parade down St George’s Terrace into one big thing through the centre of town once a year. I’m sure the Falun Gong and the Indian Seniors would join in cheerfully and as long as there were food trucks and enough Porta-Loos it would be a wonderful day out.

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