Who Amongst Us…

Has never woken up covered in golden syrup and tied naked to the park railings? I feel somewhat foolish using such a pedestrian and banal example of the commonality of man.

But there it is – few suns rise on novelty. We do what those before us have done and what those after us will do. The only things that ever change are the magistrate’s fines – they always seem to increase. For the rest, there is a depressing sameness about the world that saps the energy of even the most inventive.

It was just like this when I was young. Calgary, Alberta in late January can be a very bleak place – snow, wind, low cloud, and a pervading sense that the world will never be any different from that moment. Being 14 years old doesn’t help either – you are not a kid, nor an adult, nor barely a teenager. You have no power, lots of responsibilities ( you think ), and no thanks for anything. It used to be all I could do to rob the Royal Bank of Canada branch down on Central Avenue with a revolver – every week the same thing.

But what do you know when you are a kid? A few years brought girls into my life and I could start to be depressed and lonesome but with a definite purpose. Then high school and Uni and work and the gloom that Calgary generated dissolved into the angst of Perth. It’s many years later and I have not looked back. I can hear the heavy footsteps back there and I just speed up.

I do like to think of some of the things I do as unusual and exciting and rewarding…but the best I can manage is to eat regularly, play happily and sleep soundly at night.

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