Show Me ( Slurp, Munch, Swallow ) What Ya Got

I worked professional for 40 years. Then I worked trade for 8 years. I never regretted a day of it, but I did find some of them damnable – and in most cases it was the patient or client who made it so.

This reflection is brought about by a post from another professional still in practice who had a consultation with a client…who’d brought a child in tow – and the child was eating hot chips. Not illegal, not immoral, possibly fattening…but altogether somewhat low.

A person’s place of work – surgery, shop. office, home, etc is a place where they are required to be competent, mannerly, patient, and correct in behaviour. If it is a restaurant, café, or tavern the clients within are perfectly free to eat and drink – indeed they are encouraged to do so for the good of the business. The same may be said of a hospital ward where a patient needs take nourishment to stave off death. All proper.

But it is NOT proper to bring hot chips, a hoagey sandwich, or takeaway no-milk soy latte frappé in a big cup and slurp or munch it in the face of the staff member who is trying to perform whatever duty is required of them.

Eat at home or in the café and don’t conduct your shopping tour or professional consultation with your mouth full.

After all, you would not pull out a bucket and pee into it at the shop counter while pricing handbags – don’t eat while doing the same.

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