Are You Problematical?

Are you problematical enough? Do you need a booster course?

This speculation is caused by an ABC announcer telling us that music from ” Kismet ” – the ” Baubles, Bangles, And Beads ” song adapted from Borodin’s music was ” problematical” nowadays.

Might have been so when Alexander was sitting round after a day in the chem lab penning them out – he would probably have been peeved to have it pinched. But as it was put out for the Broadway show in 1953 and Alexander handed in his borscht plate in 1887, he’s not really in a position to lodge a complaint.

But perhaps it is a complaint on some different level. Some form of cultural snit that forgets it’s a musical play with costumes and fancy lighting. Perhaps someone is offended by being portrayed as dressed in glorious costumes singing wonderful songs.

Maybe no-one offered them a cut…?

Note: The original heading image was a rather sweet picture of a little blue circle wearing a red turban…but the WordPress refused to print it. Go figure…

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