Write It Down

We are adjured to never write our passwords down – for fear that the ninja hacker password thief teams will break into our houses, ransack the sock drawer, and make off with them. Then they will wreak havoc on us.

Instead, we are told to invent an impossibly-long jumble of letters, numbers, and punctuation marks and to change this every week – and remember it with no mechanical record. While we’re at it we can go down to the runway at the airport and take off by flapping our arms really fast.

If we cannot do this feat of stage trickery we can buy special machines that encode everything and make rolling changes to all our on-line connections. This is perfectly secure but God help you if you lose the encryptor key.

The answer to all this is that there is no answer – if you are prepared to let other people make a maze of your life you can expect to chase after cheese down the corridors until you die. You either don’t enter the maze or bring your own cheese.

As for writing other things down – phone numbers, catchy phrases for weblog titles, or date that the library books are due – well just get a big black book. Unlike the little black book that records the names and phone numbers of eligible girls, the big black book records everything else and has the advantage that it is too bulky to take out of the house and too big to lose.

You just have to remember where you put it…

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