Go Hard Or Go Home

Or go home hard.

There is a school of thought that says you have to give 110% effort to everything you do. This is a school that has no mathematics teachers – the Phys-Ed types have eaten them. It is a hard school – a fast school – a tough school. It has no comfort for the weak, no patience for the slow, and nothing whatever for anyone else who doesn’t seek to dominate their fellows.

The school is co-educational and gender-neutral…as long as you are prepared to go with the gender on your birth certificate and be nasty to others because of it. Note that you will also be required to adhere to the traditions of your forefathers and never question your religious commanders.

The school will make you a winner as long as you are prepared to do what they say, when they say it, and to whom they direct you. You can expect to be cold, hungry, tired, injured, and degraded but as long as you do not cause the same feelings in the governors of your school it will be all right. You will see terrible sights, be required to approve of them, and not mention them to federal authorities. Unless you are working for the federal authorities as well.

Now drop and give me ten. No, make that twenty. I’m a bit short for the weekend.

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