Bring Back Salmon Pink

Bring back Puce. And Vermilion.

No need to attach a place name like Biscayne Blue or Brooklyn Brown. Just paint the colour and identify it with one name.

And paint it on the cars in the sales showroom.

This thought brought to you by a drive to IKEA today – a very pleasant run with all the lights green and the freeway moving smoothly. And a smooth run through the store to get the one item I need – I had checked the availability on-line. The checkout was electronic and no-one came near me…so It was a very productive experience.

But Oh! the colours of the cars in the carpark and one the road. White, grey, silver, and black…almost to a vehicle. My eye gladdened to see a yellow Suzuki the same year as my green one. And there was one Kia  that was a golden color – everyone else was depression on wheels.

Because? Because they can. The makers only offer dull colours because they say that is what people buy. People buy them because they are the only colours on offer. The sad circle just keeps revolving.

I have long ago given up ambitions to build or run a hot rod or custom car, but i still love them and appreciate the effort their owners exert to make them look gorgeous and cheerful. Even the rat rod people are making an effort…even if it is an effort to be horrible.

Note that IKEA also like colour and by the looks of it people like IKEA. Is there a message for the motor car makers there?

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