Honest Behaviour – Whatever That Might Be

Have you ever been guilty of honest behaviour? Don’t be afraid to admit to it here…no-one is listening to us. Regard this as a confessional but with better seating.

I’ll be frank – I’ve been honest before. I’ve been kind. I’ve done the right thing…and worse. I’ve refused to believe and applaud unproven propaganda even though it was really what I wanted all along. It’s sort of like forcing your mind to take a cold shower instead of a warm bubble bath.

Of course I’ve been punished for it – no good deed ever escapes that, as Wilde wrote. But the price was not that high and I had a discount coupon anyway. And fortunately the incident passed over with little notice.

I’m afraid, however, that it may not be the last time – I doubt I can keep myself from it in the future. The discipline to keep on being mean to every one is a very hard one – you need infinite vigilance and a really good nail on a stick. And your concentration just slacks off in good weather.

If I were associated with the late General De Gaulle or Jane Fonda or Clive Palmer the task would be so much easier.

Ah well, I must stop blathering on. Back to the grind. I have several noses and a whirling stone and no time to waste…


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