Cold, Wet People In Towels

The Guild member who lives with family members is never at a loss for something to do.

Whether it is salinating the sugar bowl or coating the cat in something, there is always an amusement close at hand. None more so than with the valves.


The water valves dotted about the house. ” Gaslighting ” has a bad psychological name amongst the neurotic, but it has nothing on the correct use of water valves.

a. Person gets into shower. Turns on the hot water and lathers up. You turn on the washing machine and then get in the car and drive to Bunnings. Buy a sausage in a bun and come back in an hour.

Ask if the washing is done yet.

b. Person gets into shower. Turns on hot water and lathers up. You turn off the gas valve and blow out the pilot light. Then you turn the gas back on. It will not light.

The next five minutes of bumping and cursing will be epic. You need not do anything else as the showeree will provide all the action.

c. Person gets into shower. Turns on hot water, but is wary of what might happen. Comes out of bathroom wrapped in a towel and stares meaningfully at you. You are sitting reading a magazine.

They go back into the shower, turn on the hot water and lather up. You go out into the front yard and turn the water off. For just 45 seconds, and then you turn it on again. And go and sit down with the magazine again.

The cold, wet, angry individual in the towel who steams up the hall yelling and glaring at you can be silenced by going to the kitchen tap and turning it on – demonstrating that the water is running just fine.

After their shower they will have to cope with a towel that is already cold and wet.


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