Adjusting The Lens

You can see clearly, in most lights, by simply paying attention to how you adjust your lens. This also applies to projecting your image or opinion on others – focus carefully upon what you wish them to see before you switch on your lamp.

You may live a life of luxurious misery or one of desperate happiness. Or board at any house in between. It is generally your choice how happy you are with where you are.

Please don’t imagine I’m trying to make you contented with being exploited or demeaned.  Cry to heaven for surcease if this is the case, or start slitting throats if you decide you can’t wait – it’s all up to you. You are the captain of your soul and the commander of your destiny. Mind you, so was Captain Smith of the TITANIC, and didn’t that work out well…

But look carefully at how happy you are as compared to how happy you expect to be. If you are not in deficit, take some time to count the blessings. You need not prepare an Excel spreadsheet nor account to any government department for most things that make you genuinely happy. You may be surprised at the quantity and variety overlooked in daily life.

Be careful that you do not feel compelled to be as happy as someone else – you can’t see all their soul’s secrets and cannot know, in many instances, whether they are really happy or sad. Leave that to them.

Be especially careful not respond when someone tells you how happy you need to be. This is generally a softening-up procedure for an advertiser. They are eventually going to try to sell you something or force you to do something. You’ll be supplying money, sex, work, or obedience to them under the guise of making you happy. In any affair like this go in with your eyes wide open, or at least squinted slightly into the eyepiece of a gun sight. Beware of recoil.

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