” Casual Workers Wanted. “

A lie . A blatant lie.

They want desperate workers, not casual ones. Workers who are down to the last rung on the ladder before they are on the streets or their parent’s couch. Workers who can be screwed around.

The only saving grace is that this will be a regal affair. In most cases casual workers are set up to be screwed royally.

” Casual Work ” in Australia is work that is seasonal, uncertain, and not covered by any legal guards. In many cases the machinery that the casual workers are told to use has no guards either. When they are injured by it they have the right to bleed and/or die, and that’s about it. The ones who opt for the second choice at least get the satisfaction of a coronial inquest and the opportunity to haunt the employer.

Casual rates of pay are higher than regular rates because they are paid so seldom – and seldom in full. No health care, holidays, long service, or any other consideration attaches to the casual worker. They are fodder for whatever cannon may be deployed. Yet I, for one, would welcome the opportunity to be a casual worker.

I’m retired, and semi-locked down. I’ve got hobbies, food and drink, and a lovely house to live in. I do not need to work. But working is a need that we rarely acknowledge. We need to be needed – even if it is only being being needed for exploitation and crime.

Being older, I would be perfect for jobs that require either the patience of a saint or the anger of a maniac. I’d be great for customer service if I was occasionally allowed to serve them right.

Being retired is also perfect for the casual employer who has to ring up at the last moment to get help. Retirees are always at home and can be at work in minutes.

We also generally give a shit, even when it is inadvisable. It’s engrained in us from the time when we mattered. We can see the worst job based upon the worst judgements by management through to the worst conclusion – without being discouraged about it. After all, we’re retired.

How goddamned casual is that, eh?


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