Always Rely Upon Yourself

Except when it becomes necessary to fix blame – then reach out to others.

It is as well to make a note of the characters of people you meet – both on a long-term and short-term basis. When you assess each person be fair and analytical – do not lie to yourself. Place each person accurately in their particular category.

How you choose to classify people is your own affair, but the following is a pretty sound suggesting from the BGA:

a. Honourable and resilient. These people can be trusted to do the right thing for the right reasons. Reserve them for when you need help that doesn’t ask for payment.

b. Shallow and facile. These people can be relied upon for nothing that doesn’t directly reflect upon themselves. Don’t despise them for this – you can manipulate them into many situations that others would baulk at.

c. Timid and fearful. Most useful to fasten blame upon. With only the faintest layer of guilt, they will bear away massive responsibilities.

d. Devious and untrustworthy. These people are the most loyal and open of creatures…as long as you look at what they say and listen to what they show you. They are never sincere, but that makes them predictable…and useful. Throwing them under the tram car wheels is always a pleasure.

e. Stupid and gullible. No-one is so stupid nor gullible that they cannot be a valuable member of society. Someone has to enter the darkened kitchen in the horror film and these are the people whom Nature has formed for the task. Honour them, but stay out of splatter range.

f. People exactly like yourself. You must make your mind up at the start whether you wish to mate with them or kill them outright. There is no middle ground.


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