Ethical Sauce

Have you ever stopped to think of the company who supplied the South African Police Service with leather szambok whips during the time of apartheit?

I’ll bet it was done to a government contract and may well have been let out to competitive tender. The quality of the whips would have been specified and samples tested to make sure they could cause the correct amount of pain. The number of black people whips delivered would have been correct before the Police authorised payment. Further down the track there would have been correct payment made to the South African Taxation Department on the profits of the contract. A thoroughly ethical transaction.

Now why don’t we see advertisements on the net today for this company and their products? I’ll bet they are still in use in South Africa and there must be many people in Australia who would welcome one  in their workplace right now; schoolteachers and office managers, for instance. If they could be assured that these whips were ethically sourced it would make everything okay.

Gotta go, but keep thinking about this when next you see an advertiser use the bait of ” ethically sourced ” for some foodstuff or cosmetic they wish to sell. Remember that ethics can be a cracking thing…


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