The Company Name

Have you noticed that it’s possible to sell any thing with a carefully-styled name?

All you need to do is register a company with a name that manipulates the desires, prejudices, or misconceptions of your target customers and their wallets may as well be on your night table. Take the example of the Whole Good Wonderful Pleasant Reward Company of Yangxi, China. They make fuses for anti-personal land mines.

The mines are deployed wherever the Chinese government has purchased the fealty of a local African dictator and wishes to cordon off a section of pasture or mining lease from incursions by local people. A few explosions, a few legs off, and the blackies learn to stay away. Perfectly normal behaviour of cultural tradition and any protest about it is racism. But it is still hard to sell if you do not have a pleasant label on the package.

That’s where the company name comes in. Who doesn’t like a pleasant reward? The kitten pictures on the box that fuses are packed in help a lot as well. No-one dislikes kittens…unless it is one-legged Africans.

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