It’s All There Fault…

There – as in over there. Them. Those. The other people who are not us…at least the ones who are not me.

It’s a time-honoured principle to find fault with others. It makes the world an easier place to understand and excuses us for our own faults and failures. Sorry..I meant foibles. Or quaint characteristics. Charming quirks. The bad things that we do but you can’t blame us…*

Let me get back to operating the blame thrower. There are lots of ways of doing this:

a. Modern – blame Donald Trump. If you drop a water glass on the floor and it shatters, it is Trump’s fault. If it’s only a small glass you can substitute Scott Morrison.

b. Retro – blame George W. Bush.

c. Feminist – blame men. Use the two Presidents and the Prime Minister named above plus Bill Clinton. And your father and your ex.

d. Ethnic – blame the whites. Or the Jews. Or the West in general.

e. Religious – blame the Catholic Church. Or the Jews again.

Note that there is no mention of colour other than white nor sex other than male. The political politicians that get the blame are mostly the conservative ones  – Slick Willy is somewhat of an exception.

If you are tempted to blame the Russians for fomenting civil war and murder in Syria or the Chinese for poisoning the planet with a virus – don’t. They don’t like it and it will just draw fire from their propaganda machines. If you feel you want a bit of variety in your scolding pick one of the South American or Central European nations and let fly at their head of state. No-one will dispute you because no-one knows who they are – and no-one cares.

*  This is all speculation upon my part. I have no faults.

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