The Karen and Sharon Institute Of Opinion

The K&S Institute is open for business. Indeed, ever since the inception of social media on the internet, the Kaz ‘n Shaz ( as it is affectionately known down the pub… ) has been responsible for scalding and scolding readers – but the recent virus lockdown that has kept the wise indoors has meant a much greater engagement for this institution.

The Advisory Bored of the K&S are uniformly qualified to comment upon nutrition, vaccines, politics, kittens, and unicorn essences. They have wasted no time in reading or researching any of these subjects, and their pronouncements upon them reflect this. We can only be grateful for this level of expertise.

Application to join the bored is always open to the public. There is a strict examination regarding political beliefs and willingness to mock current heads of state in the western world. In this respect, those who refuse to worship or damn as they are directed will be refused. There is no ball as black as that of the annoyed K&S Central Committee – be warned.

Workers in the field of Social Advice and Opinion will be required to show competence in spelling and grammar. The Institute well knows the damaging effect of the typographical error, as they have a strike team scrutinising every statement that comes out of the White House and Whitehall for suitable mistakes. It takes only a moment of inattention to convert puissance to piss ants.

Members of the Institute serve with no remuneration save what they may cozen out of their readers. To this end they are well advised to develop a side hustle in essential oils, vitamin supplements, and feel-good promotion seminars. The Institute takes only a nominal fee from the members and only if there is any money left unguarded.

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