Picking Up The Breadcrumbs

Picking up breadcrumbs is an innocent enough thing unless you are trailing Hansel and Gretel – then it becomes harmful. A Grimm event…

Jokes aside, picking up snippets of information is a very useful way for an author or spy to gain useful information. The spy can piece together the movements of an army or the operation of a new secret weapon – the author can gather enough material to write a biography of someone at a distance. You may toss up for yourself which is the more dangerous practice.

Everyone drops breadcrumbs – bits of information about themselves that they either announce or write down. In our information age we are constantly filling in forms or supplying details to the nosy. Just this week I sent all my banking details to Berserkistan when they phoned me up. I’m sure it’s all legit – what could possibly go wrong? I mean, it’s not as if I told them the real numbers.

Coming back to the idea of the biography – think of the books you have stolen from the library. Some are marked “authorised biography” – some are marked ” unauthorised biography” or ” independent biography “. These divisions are arbitrary – all the books have been written by an author and the only difference is the quality of the lies. The unauthorised and independent ones have juicier stuff  – and strangely enough are likely to be closer to the truth. More people can remember more things and all the author needs to do is be a diligent collator and curator – eventually the truth will appear between the connected dots.

And then there is the autobiography…like auto-eroticism, it can be a lot of fun but you have to be careful or the pages stick together…

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