Who Will Profit?

Who will profit from the virus that is ravaging the world?

Like most vital questions, it is a tough one to ask and even tougher to answer. The answer may tell us a great deal about how the plague started and why.

At the outset, I do not intend this essay to add more conspiracy theories to the debate than exist already. You’ll have seen your share of them on the internet already. The ones that don’t agree with your own political bias can be dismissed as nonsense. The ones that do are shining truth. This is the basic mental operating system that keeps most of us going. Don’t let me stop you from nurturing your own suspicions.

The explanations that touch neither of these poles are the interesting ones. They may have more of grounding in truth than anything else. If you want to get close to them quickly, use the age-old tool of following the money trail. Re-read that first sentence of this essay and then sit there and think.

Who will profit?

One glib answer would be the makers of face masks, hand sanitiser, and toilet paper. I don’t seriously think we can point an accusatory finger at Johnson & Johnson or Kleenex. They are caught up in the whirl of reaction as much as the rest of us. They’re clean, and possibly disposable, too.

Looks like the TP hoarders are also going to miss out. The shops they bought their stocks from refuse to take the goods back and the rolls aren’t selling for fabulous prices on eBay. They will end up with financial egg on their faces, though their other ends will be clean for decades

The nation where the outbreak first surfaced? Well, that’s what a few theorists have said. We wait and see.

Rivals of this nation? In a double strike, they may have planted the virus and watched it harm both the first host and everyone downstream. Remembering that they may well bear envy and enmity for  other parts of Asia, Europe, and America in various measures. If there is disaster for everyone except the nation who caused it, the evidence of this will eventually surface.

But watch the books. The accountants of the world will eventually tell us whodunit, if anyone did.

Note for readers:  This is the last essay I shall write touching on the current virus. We will all deal with it in our own way. None of you need me telling you what to think or do. You are all adults and can make up your own minds.

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