You Are The Only Barrier To You

There is only a very small difference between being puissant and being a piss ant – and it is ” u “. This is also the case in general life. The chiefest obstacle to your advancement is you.

I held myself back from greatness when the openings were there through laziness and lack of confidence. The lack of confidence might have come from outside but the laziness was all internal. I reaped the reward of these two traits by passing through a lacklustre career  into meagre fortunes in old age.

Yet, I eat regularly and sleep soundly…and as yet have retained enough health to laugh and drink. I find it politic to be content with this, though I occasionally run howling through our suburb biting people at random. I like to think of it as social interaction on a new plane.

Had I realised my limitations before I started practising them, I would have removed a fair few. I daresay I still wouldn’t have been elected to parliament, but I might have made it to the backrooms of power and been able to blight the lives of others.

Moral of this post? Do not sell yourself short – even if you are the only buyer who expresses any interest. You can probably do a great deal more damage or good if you just rush blindly at the world regardless.

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